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The Ultimate Guide to DIY Curtains & Roman Blinds

Welcome to the world of DIY window furnishings, where luxurious style meets affordability. At Tuiss Blinds Online, we take pride in empowering homeowners to become their own interior designers. We offer made-to-measure soft furnishings that not only transform your space but also save you money in the process. Curtains & roman blinds are a fantastic way to transform your interior!

In the dynamic world of home renovations, DIY projects are continuing to gain popularity. They offer both savings and a sense of accomplishment. As all of our window furnishings are designed especially for easy DIY, from measuring through to installation, the hardest part truly is deciding on your fabrics from our huge range!!  

Now, let’s take a look at the differences between some of the styles we offer.

Curtain Styles, from Classic to Contemporary

Exploring Different Types of Headings

When it comes to classic curtain styles, we offer a variety of options to suit different tastes and aesthetics. With a vast selection of fabrics to choose from on our website, you are sure to find the perfect curtains for your home. From plains and textured fabrics through to both subtle and bold prints, as well as exclusive designer ranges. It’s worthwhile taking advantage of our 10 free fabric samples to help you make your final selection. 

Double Pinch Pleat Curtains

Unveiling a classic and elegant look, double pinch pleat curtains exude timeless sophistication. The meticulous folds create a structured and formal appearance. This makes them ideal if you’re wanting to add a touch of refinement to any room.

Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pencil pleat curtains offer a more casual and versatile aesthetic. The gathered fabric at the top allows for easy adjustment to get those pleats looking just the way you want. The gathered fabric adds texture and depth. Pencil pleats are suitable for various interior styles and a wonderful way to finish the styling of any room. 

Eyelet Curtains

Embrace contemporary simplicity with eyelet curtains. The large, smooth-edged eyelets create a clean and simple look, making them great for modern living spaces. Easy to install and maintain, they provide a sleek finish. When ordering your eyelet curtains, you have the choice of nickel or antique brass eyelets. This gives you the ability to coordinate your curtains better with your colour palette.

Contemporary S-Fold Curtains

Our S-Fold Curtains are simple, sophisticated and stylish. With their very own track included, you can enjoy gentle waves and a neat, uniform finish perfect for the modern home. Pulling back effortlessly to a small stack, they also allow lots of light to come flooding through larger windows and doors. It’s an effortless way to achieve a contemporary and luxurious look. The uniform waves create a stunning visual effect. The vertical folds draw the eye upwards and give the impression of height in your room. To achieve the maximum impact, we suggest installing the track either on the ceiling, or just below your cornice, embracing floor to ceiling curtains. 

Roman Styles – Traditional vs Tooless

Traditional Roman Blinds

These blinds effortlessly blend timeless elegance with practical functionality. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, traditional Roman blinds feature horizontal panels that fold neatly upon themselves when raised, creating a series of cascading, tailored pleats. They provide a refined and sophisticated appearance that complements a variety of interior styles. Their clean lines and tailored finish make them a versatile choice for both modern and classic spaces.

Click2Fit Roman Blinds – Easiest DIY installation

Experience the ultimate in DIY convenience with our Click2Fit Roman blinds. Designed for hassle-free installation, these blinds offer a contemporary solution that requires no drilling. Transform your space with ease as these tooless blinds click effortlessly into place in recessed windows, providing instant style and functionality.

Designed for simplicity, the Click2Fit system allows you to effortlessly install the blinds without the need for a drill. If you opt for the SmartView motorisation with Click2Fit, the blind is cordless, so no other tools needed to secure the control chain either! 

The innovative click mechanism secures the blinds firmly in place within recessed windows, while still offering the beauty and benefits of traditional roman blinds. The Click2Fit system can be ordered as an option on every roman blind in the Tuiss collection, so there’s no need to sacrifice style for simplicity. 

Level Up with Luxe Linings

As you explore the possibilities of what you can customise with DIY window furnishings, the linings can often be the unsung heroes. They allow you to personalise your curtains or blinds according to your preferences. The choice between light filtering or blockout linings, thermal interlinings or even just sheer fabrics, empowers you with the freedom to create an atmosphere that suits your needs for that particular room. 

Light Filtering Lining

Ideal for those seeking a balance between natural light and privacy, light filtering lining gently diffuses sunlight, creating a soft and inviting ambiance within the space. Perfect for creating a soft and inviting atmosphere, these linings allow a gentle glow while maintaining your privacy.

Blockout Lining

For those desiring maximum light control and privacy, blockout lining is the way to go. This option ensures no light passes through the fabric, making it perfect for bedrooms and media rooms. This can also assist in keeping your rooms a comfortable temperature, particularly if you are layering window furnishings, which we look at more in depth below. 

Thermal Interlining – Energy Efficiency at its Best

We take a step further in energy efficiency with thermal interlining. This innovative feature not only regulates room temperature but also contributes to significant energy savings. By trapping heat in winter and blocking it in summer, homeowners can enjoy a comfortable living space while reducing energy bills. Thermal interlining isn’t a complete blockout however, and the light control aspect sits between what you would have from a light filtering and a blockout lining. 

Sheer Fabrics

Not a lining per se, but worth mentioning in this section all the same, sheer fabrics stand alone in that they don’t have any separate linings. They are ordered simply as a sheer curtain or blind. They offer ethereal elegance allowing in glorious sunlight and a view to the outdoors, while still maintaining daytime privacy. These are generally most effective when layered with a blockout blind or curtain to give you the most flexibility when it comes to privacy and light control. And yes, both curtains & roman blinds are available in sheer fabrics!

Fall In Love with Layering

When layering, it’s important to think of how you use the space, and what types of layers and linings will best suit your needs and aesthetic. From there you can decide if you want your window furnishings to be subtle and fairly neutral within your interior, or become the canvas for iconic designer prints that make a statement. 

Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Optimizing the energy-saving potential, floor-to-ceiling curtains create a seamless visual flow and efficiently insulate the room, particularly if you’ve opted for blockout or thermal lining. 

Floor to ceiling curtains can prevent drafts and retain heat during the colder months. This stylish solution not only adds a touch of grandeur to your space but also enhances its overall energy performance.

They can be paired beautifully with any type of blind, or installed as a double layer with the combination of a sheer curtain and a blockout curtain. 

Roman Blinds Paired with Curtains

For a versatile and layered approach, combining curtains & roman blinds adds depth and timeless style. Roman blinds extended past the windows provide an additional layer of insulation and light control, allowing homeowners to customise their space according to their needs.

You might pair a sheer or light filtering roman blind with a blockout curtain, or do the reverse and incorporate a blockout roman blind with a sheer curtain. 

At Tuiss Blinds Online, we believe in making DIY window furnishings an enjoyable and rewarding experience. With our made-to-measure curtains & roman blinds, you can transform your space into a haven of style, comfort, and energy efficiency. Whether you prefer the timeless appeal of classic curtains or the contemporary allure of S-fold curtains, our range of linings and energy-saving options ensures that your home is as efficient as it is beautiful. Explore the possibilities, embrace your creativity, and let Tuiss Blinds Online be your partner in achieving the perfect DIY window furnishings.