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Discover Easi-Fit No Drill Blinds

Our groundbreaking Easi-Fit collection of no drill blinds is an absolute game-changer for DIY enthusiasts! Our innovative Twist2Fit and Click2Fit systems have been designed to revolutionise installation. Say goodbye to the hassle of installing traditional blinds. These blinds lock into place swiftly, ensuring a rock-solid setup that won’t budge an inch. We’ve crafted a tool-free headrail system that fits your recess window flawlessly and makes your life a whole lot easier!

Easi-Fit blinds are the ultimate solution for modern home decor! Perfect for rentals and walls where you’d prefer to keep a light touch. These blinds redefine simplicity.

So, what exactly are Easi-Fit blinds? They seamlessly merge functionality with style. Installing them is a breeze — no drills needed! With a simple click or twist, the headrail locks into place, offering a palette of beautiful colors, designs, and soft fabrics for every room.

Let’s delve into the magic of our Click2Fit and Twist2Fit systems:

Click2Fit No Drill Blinds Installation

Installing roman blinds or energy-saving honeycomb blinds has never been this effortless. The ingenious Click2Fit tensioned rail fits snugly into your window recess, allowing you to click the headrail in place without any fuss. Here’s how:

  1. Slide the headrail into the recess.
  2. Firmly push the lever upwards until you hear that satisfying click!
  3. Slot the blind into the pre-fitted brackets on the headrail and and voilà— your stunning new blind is ready to grace your space!
Video by @our_hanbury_hideaway

Twist2Fit No Drill Blinds Installation

Looking for an easy fix with roller blinds? The Twist2Fit range is your answer! With a drill-free, spring tensioning mechanism, these blinds slide effortlessly into your window recess, making it a swift and mess-free process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Compress by pushing the tightener against the wall.
  2. Raise the control end into place and ensure the blind is straight.
  3. Tighten the wheel firmly for a secure fit.

Why choose Easi-Fit No Drill Blinds?

Ideal for rental properties and walls that need a delicate touch, our blinds are strong and durable, meaning your window coverings won’t move an inch, and the complete installation is almost entirely drill-free1!  From plains to patterns, colors to textures, our range caters to every room and style, combining practicality with chic design.

Stylish, practical, and suited for any space, these hassle-free blinds are a time-saving gem in any modern home makeover project. Get ready to transform your space without breaking a sweat!

  1. While installing the Click2Fit headrail and Twist2Fit roller is an entirely drill-free process, child-safety clips for chains on certain styles will need to be affixed to the wall and may require tools. ↩︎