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Introducing the Tuiss SmartView App

Smart homes are the way of the future, and now thanks to our brand new Tuiss SmartView app, you can automate your motorised Tuiss blinds for effortless convenience. Whether you’re purchasing our SmartView motorised blinds for the first time, or you already have our regular motorised blinds and want to retrofit to be compatible with the app, keep reading to see all the benefits of SmartView automation! 

What does the app do?

With this brand-new app that we’ve designed, you can easily set schedules for your blinds to open or close at specific times, giving you the ultimate control over your window furnishings. Whether you’re a working professional who gets up as the sun rises, or a parent who wants to wake their children without having to go in to their room to open their blinds, or a traveler who wants to set routines to make it seem like someone is home – the Tuiss SmartView app has got you covered. 

You can set wake-up schedules to gently rouse you from sleep with the sun shining through your windows. And when it’s evening, the app can help you wind down by automatically closing your blinds. 

But the SmartView app isn’t just about convenience – it’s also about security. By using the app to set schedules for your blinds, you can give the impression that someone is home even when you’re away, deterring potential burglars. 

Zebra blinds can be automated on our Tuiss SmartView app. Image shows zebra blinds in an industrial interior with an exposed brick wall and barn door.

How does it work?

The SmartView blinds are battery-powered and do not require any wiring, and as they’re designed specifically for easy DIY. This means they are incredibly easy to install. The built-in Lithium-Ion batteries when fully charged, can last around 6 months before needing a recharge. This does depend on the size of the blind, the number of daily timers and the frequency of use. 

While you’ll need an internet connection to use certain functions within the app, like loading account settings and creating scenes or timers, once the timers are created and synchronized, they are stored in the motor’s memory and can function autonomously without an internet connection. 

To pair your blinds with the app on your device, scan the QR code that comes attached to the motor. Then follow a few on-screen steps to create a name for the blind and assign any settings you like. 

What does it cost?

The SmartView app is available for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. The SmartView motors themselves cost only $149 extra per blind. This makes it a great investment for the incredible convenience and all the benefits that SmartView has to offer. 

What other functionality is there?

The SmartView app allows you to assign up to 5 blinds per room and create up to 8 rooms that can be automated. Scenes can be created to group blinds together and adjust them to the desired position with a single touch. 

Timers can also be assigned to scenes to activate them automatically at a time of your choosing. Set to repeat on whichever days you want, whether you’re at home or not. 

The manual setting allows you to precisely control the level that your blinds are raised or lowered. Simply slide the graphic on your screen to show exactly where you want the blind to sit. No need to wait around with a remote control to press stop where you want!  

You can also operate SmartView with voice control using Siri Shortcuts on Apple iOS mobile devices. SmartView blinds cannot currently be integrated into other home automation systems. 

Roller blinds can be automated on our Tuiss SmartView app. Image shows designer Emma Bridgewater roller blinds in a dining corner.

Which Tuiss blinds work with SmartView?

To coincide with the launch of the SmartView App, the SmartView motors will be available with roller blinds, roman blinds and zebra blinds. This will expand in the future to incorporate many more types of blinds and curtains for the ultimate in convenience. 

The Tuiss SmartView app and electric blinds offer the perfect combination of convenience, security and style. So why wait? Download the app today and order your SmartView compatible blinds to take control of your window furnishings like never before!

Roman blinds can be automated with the SmartView app. Image shows designer Clarissa Hulse roman blinds in a bedroom interior.