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Best blinds for bedrooms & how to choose them

Bedrooms are our sanctuary spaces within the home. A place where we can rest, relax and enjoy a good night sleep. So, you want to make sure that you’ve got the perfect window furnishings to keep the early morning light at bay should you be fortunate enough to enjoy a sleep-in! Many people ask “what are the best blinds for bedrooms?” Well, we’re going to take a look at some of the different options for window furnishings for bedrooms, as well as some important things to consider along the way. From there you can see what most suits your needs, and of course your style! 

Image shows best blinds in bedroom with blockout roman blinds in a marble looking fabric, layered with white sheer curtains

Blockout linings – and why they’re important when choosing the best blinds for bedrooms

These in our opinion, are a must-have for bedrooms. The blockout lining means that no light will filter through the fabric itself, so when your blind is down or the curtain is closed, you’re getting the maximum amount of light control possible.

You can opt for a blockout lining on your roller blindsroman blinds, or curtains. You can also choose blockout versions of other types of blinds such as honeycombs or panel blinds. An innovative alternative that offers a lot of flexibility with light control are dimout zebra blinds

Measuring is important to get the best blinds for bedrooms

We mentioned light control in terms of the lining above, however measuring is just as important, and will depend on the style of blind you’re looking at, as well as where you will be installing the blind. 

As an example, if you’re fitting your blind into a recess, you’ll want to look at a style that will extend right to the edges of the recess, such as a roman blind or honeycomb blind. This will ensure that you have a minimal amount of light coming in through the sides. 

If you’re keen to have roller blinds in your bedroom, they are best if they are face fitted, rather than recess. This is because the design of the roller blinds means the edge of the bracket sits a little bit wider than the fabric. By face fitting the roller blind, you can measure further than the edges of your window, to ensure you get the best possible blockout, minimising the light gap at the edges of the fabric. 

We have measuring guides on our website that step you through exactly how much extra to allow if you wanted your blind to completely cover the window:

Keeping the temperature comfortable all year round

Window furnishings can play a big part in how warm your home stays in winter, or how cool in summer. While the blockout linings can certainly help with that, some window furnishings are designed specifically for thermal protection. Honeycomb blinds are designed with pleated pockets that trap the energy within, creating a barrier between the temperature right at the window, and the rest of your room. So, no matter what time of year, your room is kept beautifully comfortable, which of course makes falling asleep much easier! You can find out more about how energy saving blinds can save you money here.


Blockout curtains are also fantastic at keeping your room a comfortable temperature, and for the maximum benefits we love to see floor length s-fold curtains installed from the ceiling, and extending right to the walls. They effectively act as a great big blanket over your window. And with so many different fabrics to choose from, you can go for something subtle and neutral, or a show-stopping designer fabric that becomes the hero of the room. 

Another type of curtain to consider in bedrooms are sheer curtains. These look wonderful when paired with a blockout curtain, or a blockout blind as they give you another level of control when it comes to daytime privacy. They allow you to have your blockout layer open to let the sun in, while still providing perfect privacy during the day. They also look beautifully dreamy and soft if you want to capture a relaxing retreat atmosphere in your bedroom. 

Shutter blinds

One option that many people might overlook in bedrooms in terms of light control and thermal protection, is shutter blinds. Tuiss shutters are made of high quality, sustainable Paulownia wood that creates a wonderful thermal barrier at the window. The shutters close completely too, providing an excellent blockout solution. They look incredibly timeless and effortlessly stylish as well.


Layering a number of different window furnishings is beneficial in any room, but particularly in a bedroom. You want to have flexibility as to how much or how little light you let into the room, both at night time and during the day. You also want to ensure you have complete privacy. 

Having a sheer or light filtering layer for daytime privacy, as well as a blockout layer for night gives you the best of both worlds. It could be a combination of blinds and curtains, or perhaps different types of blinds such as a sunscreen roller blind with a blockout roman.

Things to remember…

All in all, when looking at the best blinds for bedrooms, you can technically use any type of window furnishing. However, the ones mentioned above are among our favourites. No matter what you choose, just make sure to consider what you’re wanting in terms of light control and privacy, as well as thermal protection. Then think about where you’re looking to install them and how functional it will be in the space. 

From there, you have the incredibly fun part of choosing your fabrics or finishes! Tuiss lets you order up to 10 free fabric samples. Making the final selection is much easier when you can see the colours and textures in your own home. 

Window furnishings can make a huge impact on your bedroom, both from a functional view point as well as aesthetically in terms of styling and design. You should fall in love with not only how the blinds or curtains look in the room, but how they allow you to live and experience the space too. 

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