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The best blinds and curtains for sliding doors

When we’re looking at which are the best blinds and curtains for sliding doors, we definitely have our favourites. Keep in mind that technically, you could use any type of blind or curtain to cover a sliding door provided that they were able to butt up side by side without any gaps to provide sufficient privacy. However, below we cover some reasons as to why we love our favourites and recommend these styles the most. 

The best blinds and curtains for sliding doors include s-fold curtains (shown here), privacy sheers and panel glide blinds

Our top 3 window furnishings for sliding doors

Vertical blinds are another option however they don’t have quite the same sophisticated appeal as the three we’ve mentioned above. They can require a bit of fiddling with to get the perfect privacy during the day. They also don’t provide much in terms of energy efficiency if you’re looking to keep your bills down. So when we’re looking at the best blinds and curtains for sliding doors, we’ll always recommend the three listed above.

Now, let’s take a more in-depth look at our favourite options and explain exactly why we would opt for these ones! 

S-Fold Curtains

Our s-fold curtains come complete with their own track to guarantees perfect waves in the fabric each and every time. This gives you a contemporary and stylish look that will take your interior to the next level. Whether you opt for sheer curtains, light filtering or complete blockout, you can mount s-fold curtains from the wall or from the ceiling. Mounting from the ceiling gives a luxuriously elegant feel to the space. Available with a width of up to 5m, these curtains can easily span the width of a sliding door. When curtains need to span even further, a clever solution is to order two tracks and mount them side-by-side. Don’t forget that you can always talk to our customer service team about the best solution for your unique scenario in your home.

The curtains glide effortlessly along the track, so if you need to open them to access the sliding door, it’s no trouble at all. You might choose a sheer curtain to give you privacy during the day while still allowing the beautiful natural light into the room. Or if you’re looking for complete privacy at night time, our blockout S-Fold Curtains would be ideal. Then for the best of both worlds, we even have our Double S-Fold Curtains which give you two layers – one sheer, and one blockout. Perfect privacy and light control no matter whether it’s day or night. 

** Energy saving tip! **

Another great thing with the S-Fold Curtains, particularly if you incorporate a blockout curtain, is that these can help save you money on your energy bills. The blockout lining on the curtain creates an effective barrier against the heat that would come through your glass windows and sliding door in summer and against the cold in winter, meaning that you don’t need to run your heaters and air conditioners quite so much. Always a bonus when the cost of living is on the rise. Smart investments in window furnishings can save you money in the long run. 

Privacy Sheers

Our Privacy Sheers are relatively new to our collection and we must say – we are in love. If you’re wanting the ethereal look of sheer curtains but with a higher level of privacy control, then these are for you. Privacy Sheers are what’s called an elevated hybrid design. They mix the beauty and softness of sheer voile curtains, with the practicality of vertical blinds, thanks to cleverly designed opaque vertical louvres. 

The continuous voile curtain gives you privacy during the day, across that big span of glass with your sliding door, and with a simple twist of a control wand, you can adjust the opaque panels to give increased light control and complete privacy at night.  So, in the daytime you can enjoy bright natural daylight and a view to the outdoors, while still having a level of privacy. And at night time, you can close the louvres completely and enjoy total privacy. 

Privacy Sheers can be ordered up to 4.8m wide, so they are a great option for your sliding doors. These can also be mounted from the wall or the ceiling, just as the s-fold curtains can. They easily slide open on the track when you need to access your door. 

Panel Glide Blinds

Our final option in our Top 3 favourite window furnishings for sliding doors, are our innovative Panel Glide Blinds. Now these ones can either make a beautiful big statement in your room, or be a subtle, functional addition to the space. It all comes down to the colour that you decide on for your interior. Call our customer service team if you’re interested in prints!

The way that Panel Glide Blinds work are exactly as the name would suggest. The blinds themselves are a collection of large panels that glide effortlessly to cover the span of large windows or doors. Panel Glide Blinds are available as blockout blinds or light filtering. So, you’ll have the choice of what you personally need in that particular room. 

The beautiful large panels overlap elegantly. There are no gaps, so your privacy and light control are always ensured. As the panels run on a track, you can easily slide them across when you need to access your door. Keep in mind whether you’ll have room either side of your windows for the panels to stack where they’re open. Otherwise if you don’t plan for that, they’ll always cover a small section of your window even when they’re open. 

Things to remember…

Remember to plan ahead and think about how you’ll use the blinds. That way when it’s time to measure and then install, there’s no regrets. Our friendly customer service team are always happy to chat, even if you just wanted to bounce some ideas off them and talk through your different options! 

When you’re ordering Panel Blinds, you can choose how you want the panels to stack when the blinds are open. When you’re getting your quote online, you’ll be able to see the options. Depending on what width you’ve entered, you’ll see exactly how many panels you’ll get. You can see the width of each panel and a diagram of how they’ll be configured. The maximum width for the Panel Glide Blinds is 4.5m – a great size when you’re wanting to shade sliding doors. 

And finally…

All of our blinds and curtains are completely made to order, so you can have the perfect custom-made window furnishings to achieve exactly what you need. We offer up to 10 free fabric samples so you can see exactly what the colour and texture of the fabric is like before you place your order. And everything is designed for easy DIY installation. At Tuiss Blinds Online we like to combine quality with great value. We endeavour to make sure that all our made to measure products are available at the best price possible – every time!

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