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The Lumina Privacy Sheers

We’re thrilled to introduce the Lumina Privacy Sheers! A practical design with plenty of style, it’s the ideal choice for homes with large windows and BiFold doors.

Our new Lumina Privacy Sheers are the perfect made-to-measure solution to make the most of your home all year round. This is because they offers both privacy and light, as well as innovative features that have been flawlessly designed with your convenience in mind.

Close up of Brise Warm White Privacy Sheer

The collection is a wonderful mix of sophisticated style and practical shading, created for modern-day living. The privacy sheers are a combination of delicate sheer voiles and textured vertical louvres. You can easily switch between the two with just a simple twist of the control. 

The Lumina Privacy Sheers shown here in Brise Dove Grey colour
Brise Dove Grey Privacy Sheer

The voile lets you admire the view outside while filtering brightness and glare as you would with a sheer curtain. The advanced design also features soft vertical louvres to mask the sunlight when needed. This allows you to switch between privacy and light throughout the day with ease. 

Brise Warm White Privacy Sheer

In elegant colourways, from bright white to sleek grey, the captivating design offers a timeless simplicity with a smart and modern twist. It creates a beautiful feel in any space while being wonderfully versatile too. 

Privacy sheers really are the perfect option if you’ve been wanting the look of a glamorous sheer curtain with more versatility when it comes to privacy and light control. Don’t forget that you can also order fabric samples to have a look at the colours and textures in your own home before placing your order.

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