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Designer Highlight: Clarissa Hulse

When a collaboration is blooming! Tuiss and Clarissa Hulse bring you bold and bright botanicals in abundance with this beautiful range of blinds and curtains. 2024 interior trends highlight the need to embrace wellness through incorporating botanicals into the home. There’s no better place to start than with your window furnishings.

Who is Clarissa Hulse?

Famed for her decorative interior products, her eye-catching style has made its way into our ever-expanding designer collection. Throughout the collection there is a focus on beautiful botanicals and vivid colour.

Working from her North London studio, Clarissa Hulse has been producing hand-printed home accessories for almost 20 years. Her style is colorful and eclectic. It draws inspiration from her nomadic lifestyle as a diplomat’s daughter and family holidays to far-flung destinations such as the cloud forests of Costa Rica and the national parks of South Africa.

Explaining her design process, Clarissa explains, “It often begins with scouring the countryside searching out interesting plants and flowers, which I then photograph. Next, these are worked along with mood boards and design palettes which are inspired by a host of different sources – the changing colours in nature, current fashion themes, books, art, ceramics and architecture.” 

She goes on to say,  “I work with a team on making these come to life through digital means (though the overall aim is that things stay true to how nature intended as much as possible!) Silk screens are then made up with the designs and the colourways are painstakingly chosen.” 

The result is a gorgeous collection of exclusive designs in an energetic spectrum of colours. From vibrant teal and jade, to captivating coral and fuchsia. These are perfectly complemented with a muted palette of pebble, blush and heather tones. 

Discover an exclusive collection of window furnishings

The Clarissa Hulse collection offers luxurious roman blinds, contemporary roller blinds, and elegant curtains. Each one feature her exquisite designs printed on a range of beautifully woven soft fabrics. We tailor each blind and curtain to your exact measurements, meticulously stitching them individually. You can also choose from a selection of practical linings to achieve both a sophisticated finish and optimal shading.

Our expanding lineup of designer ranges at Tuiss features the most sought-after brands on the market. Explore the full Clarissa Hulse range here.