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What is Hamptons Style?

With so many different interior styles and trends out there, we wanted to make it easy to get an understanding of some of the more widely known design aesthetics. One such design style known as ‘Hamptons Style’ has gone from strength to strength. While it’s been around for quite some time, the style has evolved into the influential trend that we’re seeing today.

A Hampton's Style interior with white and blue decor
Tuiss – Chinoiserie Curtains in China Blue

Where did the name ‘Hamptons Style’ come from?

The style is inspired by the design and architecture of luxurious Hamptons holiday homes along the eastern beaches of upstate New York. It’s an American twist on French interior design styles. It can be recognised by the way it captures a relaxing atmosphere with a distinctly luxe feel. Think coastal, calm holiday vibes, mixed with elegance and luxury.

Image shows a dining room with white shutters
Shutters are beautiful in Hamptons Style interiors

What does this style look like?

The traditional Hamptons Style features a strict colour palette of whites, blues and neutral tones. Remember to also incorporate natural textures, stripes and two-toned florals. In terms of furniture, the style leans more towards classics or antiques, as well as woven wicker furniture. 

Timbers and marble work well in this style, and the blues can range anywhere from soft powder blue right through to deeper navy. 

Has Hamptons Style changed for 2023?

The evolution of this style is now seeing inclusions of warmer metals such as gold and bronze, as well as teals and creams mixed in with the whites and blues. There is still a distinctly coastal feel to this style, and a love for oversized and relaxed furniture. Now it is even softer and more layered with elements that lean to more of a masculine style of décor. It’s definitely popular for those looking to settle on a ‘style’ for their home. 

Window Furnishings for Hamptons Style

When looking for window furnishings for Hamptons Style interiors there are a few ways you can go and this will all depend on your personal style. White plantation shutters look stunning in this style of home, as do beautiful white sheer s-fold curtains. Sumptuous roman blinds can be a great way to incorporate your stripes, natural textures or even floral patterns. Remember to stick to the iconic Hamptons Style colour palette if you want to be true to this style. 

HOT TIP: Try layering your window furnishings. You could opt for white plantation shutters, with white sheer curtains over the top. This gives you perfect control over light and privacy with the two layers, while giving a soft relaxed vibe to the entire space. Sheer curtains also look beautiful when paired with a blockout blind behind it, again giving you options with privacy and light control. 

Here are some of our favourite options if you want to achieve a Hamptons Style look at home, however we have many, many more designs and styles to choose from! 

Don’t forget that you can order up to 10 free fabric samples on our site to help you make your final decisions. 





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