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The Best Fabrics for Blinds and Curtains

The colours and patterns we choose for our homes show who we are and how we live. And what about the textiles? That essential detail plays a pivotal role in our daily living, bringing in a textural element to our interiors, a splash of colour and even thermal protection. Practical, durable, and stylish – the textiles we choose for day-to-day use have to stand the test of time. How to find the best fabrics for blinds and curtains?

We’ve picked five house-friendly fabrics for blinds and curtains that can help you transform your space and achieve a relaxed, welcoming feel in your home. With our selection of beautiful qualities, you can create your perfect abode and enjoy a stylish and cosy aesthetic without worrying about the details!

A good point to keep in mind though, is that the best fabrics for blinds and curtains comes down to HOW you’ll be living in that space. Think about your needs in terms of light control, privacy and even thermal properties if you want to ensure your room stays comfortable all year round. That is how you’ll determine the best fabrics for blinds and curtains in your own home.  


Linen is often associated with summer due to its lightweight and airy structure. Made of flax fibres, it’s a durable and fast-drying textile, approximately 30% stronger than cotton. These qualities make linen a perfect base for window dressing fabrics, especially during warm and sunny months, letting the fresh air in and looking bright in the windows. 

Quintessence Linen Roman Blind

Blends of linen with other fibres such as polyester (we’ll cover that one below) make a base for many of our window coverings. Such a combination of fibres still looks natural but gains additional durability. Our linen-mix blinds and curtains in plain textures and decorative styles are ideal for any room, adding instant laidback luxury to your home. 

Inky Botanical Blue Stone Curtains


As one of the oldest known fabrics, silk remains an epitome of luxury. Silk is produced by silkworms spinning around in their cocoons and requires extra care and takes time, especially if made the traditional way.

The best fabrics for blinds and curtains might be different room to room, depending on what you use that room for.
Ahisma Luxe Faux Silk Gilt Roman Blind

Soft and flowy silk makes luxurious window dressings and a decadent statement at our windows. Beautiful and timeless, silk is delicate too. If you still want the luxury, but with a blind or curtain that’s less delicate, we created a collection of faux silk window coverings. 

The best fabrics for blinds and curtains might include a blockout lining if you're looking for complete privacy and light control
Magnolia Trail Faux Silk Gold Roman Blind


Among the most popular and common fabrics, polyester remains one of the most renowned. Thanks to its durability, polyester is a lasting fabric, resistant to stretches, shrinkage and stains. Famously advertised in the 1970s as “a miracle fibre that can be worn for 68 days straight without ironing, and still look presentable”, polyester is a perfect fabric for blinds and curtains. 

Chinoiserie Duck Egg Roller Blind

Another advantage of polyester fibre is that it can take on various forms while still maintaining its properties of durability. For example, it can resemble natural fabrics, such as linen, silk, or cotton, while being sturdy, stain and stretch-resistant. 

Akira Berry Crush Roman Blind


The first recorded mention of velvet comes from the 14th century, and for many years it was a fabric reserved for aristocracy due to its main component being pure silk. Nowadays, velvet – a multi-layered woven fabric loved for its soft and plush texture – is often made of threads as cotton, wool or synthetic fibres like polyester. 

When looking for the best fabrics for blinds and curtains decide on what you need, as well a a pattern you love
V&A William Morris Honeysuckle And Tulip Velvet Pewter Curtains

There are many different types of velvet, one of the most famous being crushed velvet, where a “crushed” look of the fabric is achieved by twisting or pressing wet fibre in various directions. Other types, such as plain velvet, ciselé or velour, are popular in home decor and upholstery.

V&A William Morris Honeysuckle And Tulip Velvet Vermillion Curtains


Functional and stylish, voile is a popular fabric amongst brides and curtain designers. How can a textile so delicate be a great candidate for day-to-day use? Coarse and lightweight, it holds the shape, drapes lightly and has a soft finish.

Lucid Sheer White Roman Blind

Perfect for diffusing sunlight, our delicate voiles give you the best of both worlds. Ideal for framing large windows or layering, their lightly woven fabric will make a perfect finishing touch to your scheme.

Tahiti Sheer Snow S-Fold Curtains

Sumptuous silks or full-bodied weaves? What’s your fabric of choice when it comes to home textiles? With our vast selection of styles, you can be sure you’ll find one you love.