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How To Clean Roller Blinds

Strong robust and easy to clean, our roller blinds are an excellent choice for your home. But what happens when they get a little dusty or there are a few water spots or stains on the fabric? Take a quick look at our cleaning guide to find out how to clean roller blinds and get them looking like new again!

Best Ways to Clean Polyester Roller Blinds

The majority of the blinds we sell are made from polyester material. While this is suitable for cleaning, it does require a more gentle touch. For our polyester blinds, we recommend that you use either a damp cloth to wipe gently or dab at any stained areas or, believe it or not, biodegradable baby wipes!

Another favourite of ours for cleaning roller blinds is a Magic Eraser that you can pick up from the supermarket in the cleaning aisle. These things work wonders!

Choices Lattice Black Roller Blind

It may sound a little strange but baby wipes have proven themselves to be the best cleaning aid for our roller blinds. They’re just damp enough to clean thoroughly without leaving any marks themselves and they don’t use any harmful substances that can damage or stain the fabric.

Dusting Your Roller Blinds

Dusting your blinds on a regular basis can stop the build-up of unwanted fluff. Rather than remove the blind completely from the window, you can even leave it hanging – lowering it enough so that you can quickly and gently dust off the material. One tip we would give you is not to use one of the fuzzy yellow dusters – these can leave trails of fluff across the fabric, which kind of defeats the purpose. A dry cloth will do the job nicely and mean that you’ll be able to keep on top of your blinds maintenance.

Cleaning PVC Roller Blinds

Our waterproof roller blinds are virtually indestructible. Not only are they water resistant, but they’re also flame retardant, fungal resistant and able to withstand even the most vigorous cleaning.

While this can be extremely useful, it also makes them really easy to maintain. Once again, biodegradable baby wipes will do the trick nicely, as will a damp cloth, and you can simply remove the roller from the window to clean the material down. You can even pop them in the bathtub or use the shower head to rinse them off!

And there you have it! Quick and easy tips on how to clean roller blinds, and keep them looking new and fresh for longer.